Dried Balkhoorma persimmon, 5 kg box



  • Brand: Balkhoorma
  • Product Code: Сухофрукты

Persimmon by weight in a convenient package - 5 kg,

sliced or sliced.

Expiration date:

12 months at a storage temperature of +5 ° C / + 18 ° C.

Production enterprise - Balaken, Azerbaijan

ISO 22000-2005 No. FSMS 681703, TU AZS 275-2007

Useful properties:

- beneficial effect on the work and functioning of the gastrointestinal tract;

- improved appetite;

- anti-inflammatory properties;

- detoxification of the body;

- improvement of blood circulation;

- prevention of respiratory diseases;

- the presence of betulinic acid (fight against cancer cells);

- prevention of colds.

After removal from the refrigerator and before use, the product should be left at room temperature for 5-6 minutes. Store strictly in the refrigerator at the above temperature.

Food value

per 100 g of product:

Carbohydrates - 55 g, Proteins - 2 g

Energy value

per 100 g of product:

kCal - 230, kJ - 962.96


 GMOs and dyes.

No added sugar.

Suitable for Vegans.

Available for sale all year round.

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